You have a lot going on right now ...


  • with the kids
  • with organizing your house
  • with the details at work 
  • with the volunteering positions, you love 
  • with spending time (or not) with your hubby
  • with meal planning and prep

“Get rid of clutter and you may just find it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for.” – Katrina Mayer

You’ve got so much, so many things pulling you in different directions that the last thing you want to do is look at the house. You hate walking into the living room. It’s a disaster of toys and mess and garbage. How did that happen when you just went through space and tidied up two days ago. And don’t even get me started on the kitchen counter and the Himalayas of dishes there staring at you every time you walk by. 

It’s embarrassing to have people show up unexpectedly at your house and it’s a freak show when a birthday is coming up that your mom will come and visit for! AH! 

How do you get your life in order, organized, peaceful, and content in the midst of chaos? 

I teach that’s it’s by defining what you’re own success in life looks like and then it’s about decluttering. This may seem unrelated but when our space has room to breathe and stays neater easier, it’s making our job easier too. 

Decluttering is the easiest thing to do —- to take control of when life feels like it’s in chaos. 

And with your success in living a clutter-free life, you will find that it spills over into other areas of your life. Like budget, relationships, dating, kids quality time, baking, and healthy meal planning. 

Let’s get started … click one of the categories I love teaching about in the menu above. 

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“Clutter in your physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit.”

What I Do

I help overwhelmed moms reclaim their lives by teaching + inspiring decluttering, starting with their home (because it’s the easiest), so they can create a life they love. 

“Clear clutter – make space for you”

Hi, I'm Sharon

I always wanted “perfect” even as a child. Yet I’m a creative and a writer which means piles of papers and books are my friends. 

Getting married when I was 22 to my “Mr. Right” (he still is) and having 5 kids and one miscarriage within the next 11 years took my body, my anxiety, and our house through the wringer.

Piles of stuff everywhere. The master bedroom became the dumping ground. As the fog of having babies lifted … I saw our clutter with new eyes, especially when company came over. (YIKES) It was scary.

  • Each of the children had overflowing closets with clothes they had outgrown, wore, or needed to grow into yet. 
  • My small kitchen cupboard had mystery spices from our wedding presents 12 years ago. 
  • My closet looked like a half man half pregnant women shopping rack as I stressed about clothes shopping so rarely ever did which caused me to keep everything “just in case” 
  • stressful Christmas about what to buy our kids and “Will they play with it?” and “Why do we have so much junk?” 
  • Laundry trails to the washer machine that covered the basement stairs which I slipped on and fell down when I was 8 month pregnant with baby #5. I cried and cried. 
  • A vacuum cleaner and a broken vacuum cleaner “just in case” 
  • a terrible attitude where I would day dream about the next beautiful thing that I should buy that would make our home better — while piles of stuff sat in the corner of the dining room. 

Then it all changed.

After I had my forth baby … I didn’t realize it then but I was sinking hard and fast into a postpartum anxiety. I never made it to the hospital with panic attacks or heart attacks I thought I was having, no my story is not that exciting. What I did was the suffer in silence type.

The type where if I had access to alcohol I would be drinking every night.

The type where I would binge watch whatever movie I could find.

The type where I would stay up later reading books.

The type that nearly fell down the hole of pornogphy.

I was too proud and exhausted to even see what was happening. I would have a huge cry out at least once a week. Eat my feelings and never make sleep a priority.

I’m a Jesus loving Christian women and here I was struggling trying to steer clear of pron! What the heck!? This was never the dream I imagined for myself.

Looking back I can see a women who was struggling and didn’t know any better to ask for help. I thought “if I just get more organized” “If I just don’t screw up today and do ______ (over eat i.e.)” “If I could just get a break.” You guys …. I can count on two hands how many times we’ve had a babysitter come. My prideful butt didn’t raise her hand and ask for help. 

It took loving care from my mom who said. “Bring your two little ones over for the day while the other are at school and go do something.”

“Do what?!” I said.

“Do what?!” “DO WHAT?!” Did I really say that?! I had a hard time finding time to take a shower, preferring to read my escape books instead and I told my mother “Do what?!” When she offered to help! 

Thankfully she insisted and I did it. Drove my two littles to her house and drove away in tears. Tears over what a bad mom I was leaving my littles with her for the next 5 hours. 

She saw. My mom knew on some degree how hard it is to be a mom. And to all my moms out there that are primary caregivers … like 90% of the care, you are front lines and it is hard. Do you tell me it’s easy. Because I was the proud mama that said this was easy then went home and ate a dozen chocolate chip cookies. It’s hard. Emotional hard, mental hard, and that take a toll on the physical. 

So what happens next is that with my new free time … I went home and work. Yep, I worked.

I had been blogging, youtube, podcasting on the side (not at the same time) and I decided with my new found freedom it was time to get serious.

The best part about online, is the learning. I LOVE online learning. It keeps me sane, I love to learn about things that interest me, and HELLO! a fraction of the price! I have 2 college certifications  (in music ministry, and as a personal support worker) and the cost of those certificates is nothing compared to what is open, available and cost effective online these days. (yes I’m that old 🙂 )

So on this journey of learning … I found a course to walk me through my cluttered life. I LOVE it. I took a decorating course. An organizing course. And guess what … I’m still learning.

This was NOT an overnight success story. It took 3 years to acknowledge my my anxiety as I went through my clutter.

It took a long weekend getaway to see my good friend where I processed to sleep for 10 hours each night, have space to think, and picked out a stack of “How-To deal with anxiety” books from the bookstore to see that there was a theme going on that I was struggling with anxiety. It took me hiring a life coach to be taught tools to help me deal with my anxiety … all the while decluttering my house.

Piles of stuff stress me out. But so do white washed walls with no pitcures.

By NOT following the “perfect ” rules of  just one organizing person, but by slowly working through our clutter and creating a home I love … and I confess, I’m still working on (we have 5 kids so it’s a constant in comes the stuff and out goes the stuff.) I made this my own journey out of the clutter of aniexty and out of the clutter of stuff. And the best part is that becuase of that I can clear my mind and my heart of all the things that I was trying so hard to use to numb out the aniety. With that clarifty I can focus on the things that I truely want. 

Not becuase I’m a good mom or not. Not because I’m a wife. Not because I’m a good daughter or community volunteer, but because I’m living in my true purpose … the purpose and dream that God called me to be and do as me. 

And that’s what I want for you too friend. I want you to step into and claim that purpose — imperfectly — everyday.

And I believe the first step and the MOST easiest step is decluttering your home. Decluttering what surrenonds you everyday. Step one.

So join me on the clutter free living journey to discover what clutter free means to you and purse that life. 

Love, Sharon Schuler

“When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear our minds. When we throw out the mental clutter, we clear our souls.”

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